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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ask Fairy Farm Girl

Good Greetings:

This blog was created for the seeker to use for clearing issues that arise in life. Begin at the first post which is the last post by scrolling down to the beginning of the blog.

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We bless you all with Love and Light.

Fairy Farm Girl-Elizabeth

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cleaning House: Gee, It Feels Like I Have More Room In My Dwelling!

Good Greetings to all! Here at the Fairy Farm, Life is in full bloom! This is the perfect time of the Year to do a Real Clean-out and Clearing of our Dwelling Places-- any time that you are feeling crowded and like there is no room for you-- it is time to Clean Up and Clear Out!

 In this installment Fairy Farm Girl and l will speak to Cleaning up and clearing out our dwelling place.

A Dwelling is where you live--- a shelter. We are of a wide and diverse human family... There are as many dwellings as there are people. All dwellings do have a door and perhaps a window. A roof, floor, walls. This is the structure that houses and individual(s) and any stuff that the individual(s)have.

Stuff can accumulate Energetically and Physically in your dwelling space.  Energy that is directed is sticky.  Energy by itself is simply Energy.  It is what Energy is programmed to do that it becomes sticky-- or fluid-- 
 Fear Attributes make it sticky and icky and contracting. 
Love Attributes make Energy Fluid and Supportive.

Energetically stuff accumulates on the psychic/energetic level and above. It is an etheric crowding out of you who occupies your dwelling. Ever feel as if you were in a crowded room and it appeared to be physically empty? This is the type of Clearing Out that Fairy Farm Girl  is speaking of. The Clearing out of energies that no longer serve the level of expansion you are .

Note: The level of expansion you are at is perfect fore it is your level of expansion.

Cleaning out is a physical process of sorting and moving that which is no longer needed out of your place. This is a process of letting go of accumulated stuff. It is a process of physically cleaning the space.

Let's begin with Cleaning out the Dwelling Place according to the Fairy Farm Girl Method.

This is Fairy Farm Girl's method... take what resonates and leave the rest.

The process consists of removing items that are no longer needed and then giving a really good Cleaning up. Stuff that is crowding out your dwelling space-- perhaps can be be repatriated to a new place and a new use.

Fairy Farm Girl suggests taking a large container (box, bag,suitcase etc.) and placing all items in it that you have not thought about in a year: this means everything that you have not thought of in year or are surprised to find that you have. Begin at the top floor within the closets and work outwards and downwards until you reach the basement. You will more than likely fill your container to go through more than once. When the box is full, take a Break and sort the items into categories.

Note: This section if for those who are crowded with material things... if you already do this... Terrific! If you aspire to live simply and already do so--Great! The next section on energetically clearing your space may be of interest.

Keep and use
These are items that you intend to really use.

These are items that have not seen the light of day since the day you stuck them in that closet/box/trunk/room/space under the furniture. These are items to donate to a good cause. Consider thinning your closet to be a religious experience as well as a cleansing one too.

All those returnables and recyclables piled up everywhere--yep, it is time to take them to the transfer station, recycle bin and/or redemption center.

Throw out
That smell under the bed... throw it out! Anything that is growing mold or mildew or smells so bad that it is not cleanable needs to be disposed of properly. Broken things that are not recyclable fit in this category. If you have not fixed it in the years you have been saying that you are going to fix that... then it is time to throw it out. Check with your local transfer station (aka town dump) for a list of what to do.

If you have the pleasure of space to compost this is for you-- Compost all those dried up and dead house plants if they have not come back from the dead yet... they are not going to. Compost all compostable foods from the nether-regions of the fridge and freezer that are not meat based.  Eggs and egg shells are good for the compost! If it is back there and has not seen the light of day in a while chances are it is time to compost it. The container that holds the questionable food is more than likely recyclable. Give the transfer station people a break and wash your containers with soap and water. Consider it an act of kindness.

The next step is to now put all those things in their proper spaces. Take away the recyclables. Remove the stuff you plan to donate from your dwelling space. Send the stuff you are throwing out to the transfer station or put it in a proper container at the curb for pickup. Place all that is to be composted in the compost pile or composter.

NOTE: Always Label all cleansers appropriately with a permanent marker. Although these cleansers are Earth and Human friendly-- they are to be used by adults not children.

Fairy Farm Girl Dwelling Cleanser

Ingredients/Tools: Cider Vinegar (raw preferred), water, Essential oil (mint or lemon preferred) Spray bottle  

Method: Fill clean spray bottle 1/4 way full with cider vinegar. Add Water to fill to the top of the bottle leaving the neck of the bottle empty. Add 10 drops of either mint or lemon essential oil. Put top on spray bottle and secure tightly. Gently shake the bottle to mix ingredients.

Then, wash those dirty clothes. Take down and wash the curtains and/or dust your blinds. Wash your windows inside and outside. The Fairy Farm Girl Cleanser works great for this. Simply spray and then wipe with a clean cloth or biodegradable paper towels. Change the beds. Vacuum or sweep the floors. Wash the floors and windows and walls. Scrub the bathroom and kitchen appliances and counters.

Now would also be a good time to rearrange the furniture. Feng Shui your rooms or align your furniture with the Directions.   Find Due East in your dwelling.  Mark that direction by hanging a something of meaning to you on the wall that is evocative of the Sunrise, the color associated with this direction is Yellow.  Next, find Due North in your dwelling.  Mark that direction with something Mineral/Crystal or a picture of crystals the color associated with this direction is White.  Next find Due West in your Dwelling.  Mark that direction with something Water based-- like a snow globe or a vase of flowers or a picture of water, the color associated with this direction is Blue. Finally Find Due South in your Dwelling.  Mark that direction with something fire based such as a candle or a battery operated candle or a picture of a lighted Candle or of beautiful nourishing Fire, the color associated with this direction is Red or Pink.

To do all of that cleaning you only need a few tools! Simplicity works well for most experiences.

For most cleaning Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, Dish soap, and baking soda works well.

Fairy Farm Girl uses these agents to clean just about everything. It turns out its all in the combination.

Clothes Washing in automatic washing machine--Fairy Farm Girluses 1/2 cup of baking soda dissolved in the washing machine water. Then add to the clothes and about 1/8 cup of cider vinegar.

One can also use a biodegradable dish soap to clean everything If using the biodegradable soup simply add 3Tbs to each full load of clothes and wash on cold. Also, for ring around the collar and sleeves just saturate the stains with the soap and rub the fabric together and then wash in washing machine with the rest of the load.

Washing dishes in a Automatic Dishwasher--Fill one of the automatic dispensers with baking soda, and in the other put 2 TBS of biodegradable dish soap. In the Jet Dry dispenser fill with Cider Vinegar. Fill the dishwasher with dishes and run the cycle as usual.

Cleaning surfaces--Wet the surface and sprinkle baking soda over the surface to be cleaned. Squirt a little biodegradable soap on the surface and then using a scrubby type of pad (can be any type that you use) simply scrub the surface. Wipe clean with damp cloth until all baking soda and soap is removed.

For a bath tub or sink --Do as above and simply rinse the baking soda and soap down the drain. For toilet bowl squirt about 1 tsp of biodegradable soap in the toilet bowl and clean with the toilet bowl brush-- Flush toilet afterwards to reveal a clean toilet bowl.

For cleaning floors, counter tops and surfaces--Fill a clean plastic spray bottle 1/4 way full with cider vinegar. Add Blessed water to fill to nearly the top. Put spray nozzle in the spray bottle. Sweep the floor or vacuum the floor to remove debris and dust bunnies etc --

Spray the floor in small areas and mop with a clean mop or use an old towel . Fairyfarmgirl has found that this is safe for most surfaces. If you are not sure test in a small area before cleaning the whole surface. As with all things these are suggestions!

Clearing The Dwelling Place

Now that your Dwelling is physically clean--- It is now time to Clear your Home of energies that no longer serve you.

Fairy Farm Girl suggests you begin by opening all the windows in your dwelling beginning at the top floor (if you have a top floor). Throw open the doors and shades. Open the Windows! If you have window screens now is the time to install them!

NOTE: If You have children and/or pets inside your dwelling now would be a good time to send them out to play in a secure and safe area where they are happy and well cared for or wait until they are not present in your home. Take precautions with open windows and children and pets. Clear your home safely for all beings!Let the fresh air circulate through your dwelling. While the place is airing out, it is time to gather your tools and ingredients to clear your home.

To begin one will need some Sage, Lavender, Thyme, or Mugwort will work very very well to Clear and Bless a dwelling. We recommend making a cleansing water. A cleansing water is beneficial as water is everywhere! This is also very very safe around children and pets, people who are allergic to smoke, and is safer than smudging with smoking smudge stick.

Mugwort Thyme Lavender Sage

Note: Sage, Lavender, Mugwort and Thyme are all medicinal herbs as well as cooking herbs and are used in Clearing and Blessings world wide. To learn more about this see links at the bottom of this page.

Cleansing/Blessing Water Recipe

handful of Fresh Sage or Dried Whole Herb of Sage, Lavender, Thyme or Mugwort (if no Sage substitute with Lavender, Thyme or Mugwort)
Blessed Water
A Clean spray bottle (not the one used to make cleaner with) (measure your water with the spray bottle)
A coffee maker or electric tea kettle or or stove with a pan or a clean jar with a lid and a sunny window.

The Method

Step 1

Begin by clearing top floor of the dwelling with intention/prayer. Start in the innermost room and work outwards.

We suggest this prayer/intention~

I am a Beloved Child of God and all that Is. As a child of God, I Bathe this Space and mySelf with Love and Light. This is Sacred Space and only that of Love shall remain here. All others must LEAVE NOW. I call and Invoke the Archangels Micheal, Raphael and Gabriel to come and do this perfect and good work of clearing this space and occupants including me (state your full name). Thank you and It so it is.

Wait a few minutes in silence... Fairyfarmgirl likes Elizabeth to balance her chakras.   See Links below for a Chakra Balancing Video. When you feel like it is time, continue. The Sound OM is very appropriate at this time. ...So the sound now is ‘OM’, pronounced like ‘home’ where the ‘h’ is silent.
For an excellent Chakra Meditation go to Meditations

Step 2
Invoke the Archangels of Light and Love.

Fairy Farm Girl suggests that you simply say in a clear and firm voice:

I call upon the Benevolent Archangel Michael, the Guardians, Guides, Angels, and Helpers to come and do their perfect and good work in assisting me in creating this blessing water for myself and my space.

The Blessing of items is the focused intention to restore the substance to its perfect and good form. In this case for water and/or the Herbs, the intention restores the substance to its optimal level of crystalline form. (See links at the end of this post for supporting information)

Step 3  The Blessing

The Blessing--- As a Child of the One True Infinite Creator (some will call this God) I Bless this Water with Love so that it nourishes my soul and the souls of all who enter this dwelling place and Enriches my Body and the bodies of all who enter this dwelling place.

Hold the fresh herb you have chosen to use in your hands and bless it. Then bless the water. Choose a method for heating your water (if no heating source then see sun blessing water recipe)
Heat the water to boiling in an appropriate cooking container. While the water is heating to boiling place the herb you are using in a glass or ceramic or clay or stainless steel bowl or container or jar.

Bless the jar or bowl or pan that you will pour the boiling water into and the Herb you are using.

When the water is boiling remove from the heat and pour over the herbs and cover with a lid. Let the Herb and water steep for at least 20 minutes. After 20 minutes... remove the herb and pour the blessing Herb water into the spray bottle. Hold the Spray bottle now filled with the Herb Blessing water in your hand. Bless the the Herb blessing water again.

Step 4Express Gratitude

Thank the Archangels. Fairy Farm Girl like's to say this--
 I am so happy and grateful for your assistance in doing this perfect and good work. I bless you with Love. Thank you. It is done.

Note: if no heating source put herb of your choice in a clean jar with a lid and fill jar to 1/2 inch from the top with water. Follow the same blessing outline only do this in succession without waiting for water to boil. Cover the top of the jar and place in a sunny window for 2-3 days. The sun will steep the herbs over time. After 2 or 3 days, open sacred space and invoke the Archangels as outlined above. Bless the herbal blessing/clearing water as outlined above. Close the sacred space as outlined above.

The Utilization of Energy Transference

Using The Blessing/Clearing Water--Set the spray nozzle on mist and gently mist all the air and walls and floor and under the bed and in closets. Use an intention that resonates with you-- Something like: I bless this space with this blessing water. I bathe this space with Love and Light.

The key is consistent practice. The action of consistent practice of blessing your dwelling place and will clear the dwelling place of energies that no longer serve you. And in doing so will assist you in attracting energies that do.

Your Future
In this World you are given as you give And you are forgiven as you forgive---

While you go your way Through each lovely dayYou create your Future as you live.

--peace pilgrim

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clearing Out Your Place in Space: Chakras and Decording Energies

The Chakras are places that we hold energy cords to our Systems and Body. There are 12 Major Chakras in the Body and thousands of Minor Chakras.  

Most people know of only 7. For the purpose of this Blog, Fairy Farm Girl is referring to only the 7 chakras. 

Energy comes down from the Cosmos and enters into the Crown Chakra in a Healthy exchange of Energy. The Body is like an upside down tree. The Roots of the Energetic Centers are in the 7th Chakra and the Root and Feet Chakras.

The Energy from the Cosmos is what revitalizes the Body. This is called a Torsion Field.
 When this Energy is blocked off (emotional or physical illness/debris)  the other 6 chakras are blocked Energy is blocked from revitalizing the body and mind.

Artist, Len Hoover, The Kiss
Positive/Beneficial  Energy Exchange
The subtle body (Torsion Field) is the electro-magnetic field that surrounds the physical vehicle or body. This includes the aura which is the part that surrounds the physical body. The chakras are energy centers within the body.

As an individual goes through sleeping and waking and living life, interactions with the environment : physical and non-physical can cause the electro-magnetic systems to become out of balance leaving "holes" in some parts and compressing it in other parts. Negative influences come from the absorption of negative emotional states or the interference of non-physical beings.

Energy cords are energy conduits from one energy source to another. Cording refers to the
energy that one focuses on another or in another's direction. Cords of energy attach to the chakras and are experienced as an energy drain or an infusion of energy.

Cording can be very positive like that between a parent and child and/or lover/mates and/or friends etc. This is the type of cords that you cultivate as positive relationships. The Energy Exchange is friendly, loving and equal. Both people come away from the interaction filled full of Joy and all the Good and Wonderful things that Life has to offer.

Cords can also be negative... such as the siphoning off of life energy or the taping into the chakras and using this energy for its own gain. The body and/or mind will react to this by developing dis-ease. Today we are discussing negative cording.

Cording Energy--Negative Exchange

This type of cording occurs when the individual being corded to has an open issue or FEAR
this causes a weakness in the auric field and the Energetic Being that is cording to the individual at that time is a frequency match. 

Some Examples of Fear attributes are Anger, Rage, Feelings of Being Wronged, Victimization, Glee, Sadness, Jealousy, betrayal, grudges, feuding etc.

 In order for cording to occur there must be a frequency match. So to change this, one must change ones Frequency.  This is a process of recognizing the LOVE that is within each of our HEARTS.  LOVE encompassess all that is of Unity Consciousness... including Knowledge and Wisdom.

That which is LOVE matches with that which is LOVE and this LOVE is Expanded-- a connecting to that which is already part of your HEART and then the Expansion of this.

 Some examples where cording occurs is the individual is tricked into thinking the Energetic Visitor is a friend instead of a foe and/or it is a cord that is between individuals with Karmic ties which do not dissolve even after death due to forgiveness issues etc.

When there is an extreme emotion experienced this emotion is then sent out into the Cosmos and general life around the individual. Then a return Energy Frequency is sent back to the sender. This can be from anyone or anything. Cords can also be sent out by an individual that has an issue with a place. A cord is then sent from the emotional individual out resulting in the individual then cording to the place where the experience happened (ie structure, tree, land etc.) and/or the person involved with the Emotional Charge.

The book the Celestine Prophecy, An Adventure, James Redfield illustrates cording between people quite well. When negative cording occurs between people it is usually due to a misunderstanding concerning the generation of energy. Fairy Farm Girl and I  find that this book is an excellent introduction to Energy Exchange both of a positive nature and negative nature.

At any level of cording physical and/or non-physical on some level of beingness there is an agreement to participate in the exchange. As with all agreements sometimes they are created with untruths.

The first step to decording is to clear the aura around the body. This restores the integrity of the electro-magnetic field effectively releasing any negative influences.  Spritzing the Air around you with Blessing Water is an excellent way to do this.

Decording of the aura and chakras and restoration of the integrity of the energy field begins with making a choice.

Then proclaim with conviction the choice to clear the energy centers and fields. All begins with choice--- conscious or unconscious--- it is still a choice as far as the Universe is concerned. To truly begin to Clear out Your Place in Space one must begin by making conscious choices. This is a learned skill and as will all skills: practice make progress.

Use of the Universal Greeting: I hail you in the name of the One, True, Infinite Creator.... I bathe you in Light and Love is one way to begin restoring the integrity of the energy field.

The Universal Greeting begins to create boundaries with that which is siphoning off energy from the individual and/or group. The truths that one believes begin to no longer be the truth. One begins to question one's behavior... and a feeling of distrust begins to develop. This is the time to begin asking for help Benevolent Beings, Guides, Angels, Archangels and Human Angels.

Simply ask aloud: I call and invoke the Guardians, Helpers, Guides, Angels, Archangels and my Higher Self to assist me in restoring the integrity of my energy field. I call upon you to go and do your perfect and good work in clearing me of all negative influences leaving only that which serves the Highest Good for mySelf and the All that is aligned with my Highest Good.

This is your team of non-physical beings assigned to you at birth. They are ever present to assist you. Due to Freewill--- they will not interfere with your "choices" unless asked or unless directed by the Creator.

Next, enlist the Earth to assist you. Begin with a Fluorite crystal. Any color will do. Pick the one that resonates with you. It will feel "Right."

Place it on the 6th Chakra located in the middle of the forehead directly above the eyes. Hold for 30-60 seconds while you breathe in and out deeply and naturally. 

One may feel a popping or a letting go or an unplugging feeling, feelings of vulnerability may rise. 

This is a good time to call the team in to assist. Ask them to fill these holes with Love and Light and patch the holes so that your energy field is restored to integrity. An infusion of these energies is a way to strengthen the energy field and deprogram any proclivities that may have become habitual that no longer serve the individual.

Note: Fluorite should NEVER be Ingested. This is not a crystal to make a Gem Elixir from or to ingest from any source.
Some Plant Helpers

Yarrow flower essence is also an Earth based helper. Take 2-7 drops under the tongue before beginning decording and afterwords. Yarrow balances and strengthens the aura. It also is used to shield and create boundaries. Yarrow when combined with Rock Rose Flower Essence--
This combination also is very helpful when doing personal work or facing challenging situations. 

The essential oils of Frankincense, Myrrh, Rose, Hyssop, and/or Sandalwood  or Peppermint are very effective for restoring integrity to the subtle bodies, aura, and physical body. To use choose 3 that resonate with you. It is best to use only 3 essential oils at a time or One blend at a time No more than that. Essential oils are extremely potent! It is imperative to only use high quality essential oils that are steam distilled!

To use the Essential oils the oil must be diluted in a carrier oil.

1 Drop of essential oil to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil (apricot, olive, coconut,soybean, safflower,and in a pinch corn oil).

Note: For the Root Chakra the base of the spine is usually the spot in which to place a drop of diluted oil.

Dilute all pure essential oils in a carrier oil except oil blends which are already diluted!

Peppermint, Frankincense and Myrrh and Rose Essential oil: Place on the third eye, on the temples of the forehead, the bones behind the ears on the head, the back of the head where the spine meets the head and on the Heart Chakra.

Sandalwood or Peppermint Essential Oil:  On the 3 lower chakras, Heart Chakra and Third Eye.

Hyssop: Use very sparingly and combined with 1 or 3 of the following Essential oils: Sandalwood, Rose, Frankincense and/or Myrrh. Place one drop diluted on the 3 lower chakras, the Heart and the 3rd Eye.


Essential oils work to  assist you to open the HEART and Mind and at the same time the oils and on a Metaphysical level will raise your vibration so you are no longer a "match" for that which has corded to you. This effectively decords you rapidly.  These are powerful Plant Spirit Helpers.  Remember to approach this type of Personal Work with Sacred Attention and Gratitude.

It is by the choices you make whether or not you remain unmatched for that which seeks to cord to you. What this means is one must change the emotional/physical/mental habits one has in order for true healing to occur. 

Any helper is just that--- helping you in your choice to work toward and claim your personal sovereignty. 

Then the oils will continue  to assist you in strengthening your aura and  to assist you in Restoring Subtle Body Integrity. 

The oils will also work on clearing out negative energies stored within your cellular memories, mind complex and/or within your energy systems this causes a weakness in the auric field and the Energetic Being that is cording to the individual at that time is a frequency match. Fairy Farm Girl terms this as Cling-ons.

Lastly, It is suggested that EFT is also highly effective in decording an individual.  EFT Tapping 

Clearing out your Place in Space is a process of Self Discovery. Bask in the Joy of Letting Go and Moving Forward into the New Spaces of You Place in Space where your chakras are clear and energy is moving at an optimal level and in an appropriate and beneficial way. 

Have fun after all Life is Meant to Be Lived full of Love and Light and Health and Well-being-ness. It is your journey and ultimately your creation as you interact with all of Creation and the Cosmos all around.

--Fairy Farm Girl-Elizabeth


Cleaning House: Gee, It Feels Like I Have More Room In My Dwelling!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting those Higher Light Legs: Pineal Gland Activation and Trees

Good Greetings!

The days are filled with dizzying heights of joy! The mind is struggling to keep up with all the changes that are occurring! Happy Equinox!
For those in the Northern Hemisphere: Happy Spring!
For those in the Southern Hemisphere: Happy Autumn!

Here at the Fairy Farm it is early spring!  There is no time like the Present.  So what ever time of year it is for you as you have found your way here, welcome! 

You are the One you have been waiting for.  This is your gig-- your journey.

The pineal gland is activating and the two halves of the brain are bridging. This allows you to have greater access to more of your Soul Self and its Wisdom and Guidance. This activation is rewiring the body to be open and receptive to higher frequencies of Light and Love which are then held within every atom of our physical and etheric bodies (some will call the etheric body the Light Body).

This has led to a whole new host of Ascension symptoms! The symptoms that you may be experiencing since this last Solar Wave beginning on  could include: dizzyness, nausea, sleepiness, fatigue, attention difficulties, bouts of crying and releasing, feelings of general and unspecified malaise, feelings of euphoria (like you have just won the lottery!)and feelings of Joy and Love and Unity and Interconnectedness.

You may be confused (what is this for again...?), feel so energetic that you just walk around in circles and have piercing clarity concerning Universal Truths. You may have fallen in Love with Yourself... for the first time you see your Self as Divine!

Side note: Fluoride shuts the Pineal Gland (sometimes called the Third Eye) down. It is highly recommended to avoid fluoride in water and at the dentist. Fluoride is a by product of the Aluminum Processing Industry. Multinational Corporations devised a strategy to offload the excess Flouride-- put it in the water.  This has led to Flouride Toxicity

All of these symptoms will abate as you get your "Higher Light legs." It takes time to acclimate to the new Heights you are now traversing although it may feel like a new low.

The Guides I work with have often have said to me that when one raises in vibration physicality slows down. The higher your frequency the slower you move at first. It is like a computer that has just received a new download... and has not be defragged... all that old stuff has to be processed through to allow the New Program to run smoothly. In this case, the NEW PROGRAM is that of the NEW EARTH LIGHT. We are the Ones we have been waiting for!

Welcome to Earth and a greater Interaction with Gaia -- the Soul of the Earth.

We are all Expanding our Awareness and becoming more.  Love More, Expect Miracles.  That Miracle is you!

I suggest this really Great Walking and Connecting Meditation for the ease your Body, Chakras, Meridians, and General Operating Systems.

The old Adage that you have to be out of your mind to be in your HEART applies here. The Heart will balance the mind. Trees and Large Shrubs are portals to connect and ground to the Earth. They open the Mind through the Body to create pathways for the Light to travel into every atom and cell. So Go Hug a Tree and Just Be.  We are all part of the Earth and her Systems.  We live with the Earth and the Natural World... Cultivate your own Wild Heart.

--Elizabeth and Fairy Farm Girl

Entering Being-ness with the Tree: Going into the Senses Meditation
The picture above is a large shrub/tree in Early Spring (Northern Hemisphere)

It is suggested to do this for an hour a day for 2 weeks. To reset the Chakras it takes about 14 days. During this time you may begin to feel greater healing or clarity. The Body has intelligence and it Knows

Begin by walking to a tree that is in a park or along side a country road or in your backyard or front yard... somewhere fairly safe that has a tree or large shrub for you to connect to. I recommend wearing non-toxic natural insect repellent, sunscreen and to be wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. Bring a blanket along to cover up or to sit upon or both!

Feel your with your body against the tree. Feel the earth and roots of the tree under your feet. Feel the bark of the tree against your face. Fell the Sun above you-- the warmth of the sun or the coolness of the rain or cloudy sky. Feel the wind, the air. Feel it with your body.

Smell the tree with your nose. Smell the scent of the tree, the earth, the air. Smell the bark of the tree. Smell the earth around the tree. Smell the roots of the tree. Smell the Air, the wind. Breathe in all those scents. Just breathe them in-- into your lungs, your body.

Hear and Listen to the Tree with your ears. The Creaking of the branches, the sound of your feet moving around the tree's roots. The Call of the birds. The Wind as it moves between the branches, around you, around the tree, rustling the leaves of the tree. Hear and Listen to the Tree, the Wind, the Earth. Hear with your ears. Your Body.

Taste with your mouth and tongue and nose. Taste the bark of the tree. Taste the skin of your hand. Taste the Air around you. Taste the Earth beneath your feet. Just taste.

Look and See with your eyes. Look and See the Tree. See the Bark of the tree. The Leaves of the Tree. The colors of the tree. Look at the Roots of the Tree... See the roots of the Tree. See the Earth around the tree. See your feet, Your Shoes, Your Hands, Look at your belly and the tree. Look at the Sky around you. See your belly and the Tree. See the Sky around you. Look with your eyes. Only your eyes.

Now close your eyes. Lean against the Tree. Touch your forehead to the tree. Just breathe in and exhale naturally. Just be in your senses-- in your body. Let the body feel and experience the senses. Let your mind rest as your body experiences the tree, the earth, the air, the sun--life around you and within you.


A variation of this exercise is instead of a Tree use a Large Rock or a rocky Beach. The key is the connection to the Earth/Gaia through the natural world. Rocks are a connection as much as Trees are. They both will assist you in accessing your senses and balancing your chakras, energy systems and grounding the energy to every atom in your body.

The 7777 Meditation is also suggested strongly for Energy Balancing and Integration.